Competitive Program

Our program is designed to maximize each student's potential. We believe in training each one of our fencers to become highly technical and in top physical condition.

Every class provides footwork, high level drills and bouting. Whether your goal is to compete or be a recreational fencer you will find that our program successfully prepares you for both.

The training is focused, intense and yet fun. All of our classes are at least two hours long and inside of that time frame everyone is expected to work hard. Our students learn teamwork, mental discipline and a complete range of technical fencing skills.

Many of our student's successfully compete in the local, national and international level. Our fencers consistently win medals at national tournaments in all age divisions. Each year many of our fencers are ranked at the top in the United States.

Program Fees and Classes

Intermediate classes meet five times per week (11 hours).

Advanced classes meet four times per week (11 hours).

Package fees are on a quarterly basis and based on number of private lessons taken.

All packages include unlimited group classes

Fees are due at the start of each quarter.

Quarters run: September-November / December-February / March-May / June-August

Fencers may enroll at any time.

Package Group Classes
Private lessons per week
Quarterly Fees
1 Unlimited 2 $1940
2 Unlimited 3 $2460
3 Unlimited 4 $2980
4 Unlimited 5 $3500

Fee breakdown Classes
$300 per month
$40 per lesson