Beginner Program

The philosophy of the club is that the fencer always comes first!

All of our youth students start at the beginner level where teaching proper technique and fostering a love of fencing are our highest priorities. We have formed a unique comprehensive program which enables our students to get the most out of their fencing each time they come to the club.The key to success is proper technique which can only be learned through private lessons. For this reason we do not charge for the beginner class when you join the program.

This concept enables your child to begin with both private lessons and group classes at a reasonable cost. You can of course choose to add a second weekly private lesson for faster improvement. The club operates on a quarterly basis.

Payments are due September, December, March and June. The cost of our beginner program:

1 Lesson per week - $480 (3 months)
2 Lessons per week - $960 (3 months)

Private lessons will be scheduled to your convenience.

Our new fencers do not need any equipment, all you need to do is show up and have fun!

Our system has quickly made 5T Fencers Club one of the top youth programs in not only Long Island but in the country.

Please contact us to schedule your first free trial lesson and start fencing!